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What is a Mole?

Moles are a cluster gathering of pigmentation on the skin, which can appear raised, irregularly shaped and darker in colour.

Over time, moles can become itchy, sore and even bleed, which can lead some individuals to have them removed. Mole removal for aesthetic purposes isn’t usually available on the NHS and the cosmetic appearance of those removed by less experienced professionals can have a less than desirable cosmetic finish.

Mole Removal

How your mole will be removed will be determined during consultation with our specialist minor surgery clinicians, but generally, a mole removal involves either shave removal or excision removal.

You will receive a personalised treatment plan specifically designed to suit your individual requirements. Everything from your consultation and preparation through to your personal recovery plan will be produced uniquely for you.

The listed price is indicative for this procedure, but your doctor will confirm the cost of treatment with you and make sure you have all your questions answered before we go ahead.

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