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What is a Cyst?

Welcome to, a team dedicated to treating cysts and lipoma skin growths. We carry out cyst removal and lipoma removal procedures everyday, all year round. As a results, we have developed unparalleled experience in this field of treatment. Sebaceous cysts occur around glands located in the skin which become blocked resulting in the build-up of sebum, dead skin and keratin. Therefore, these cysts can occur anywhere on the body. Cysts are not seen as life threatening, but can often cause discomfort or embarrassment for people with obvious disfigurement. However, if left untreated cyst can become infected which makes treatment more complicated and that is why we dedicate our entire service for their treatment.

Our lead doctor, Dr Khaled Sadek, is world renowned for his work and will take you through every step of the process during your FREE no-obligation consultation. As well as that, we are unbeatable on price so book now for your treatment. Dr Sadek’s work has been viewed by millions around the world, and his care for his patients and delicate surgical skills means that you are always in safe hands.

Without doubt a cyst of fluid sealed under your skin is not only unsightly but can become painful. While cysts can vary in size and location on the body, they can become painful and infected, so it’s advisable to have cysts removed.

That is why we work around your timetable, opening evenings as well as weekend to make sure you get the prompt treatment you need. Don’t leave it too late, give us a call and one of our medical team will be able to guide you through cyst treatment and answer your questions.

Cyst Removal Technique

Without question, having an expert carry out your procedure is our primary goal. That is why all our doctors are specialised in cyst removal. In addition, their aim is to remove the cyst-sac whole and reduce the chance of re-occurrence. Subsequently, they are very experienced in producing minimal scarring through their unique technique. Besides offering a vast experience in cyst removal treatment, they are able to adopt a very cosmetic approach to the treatment. Our doctor will talk you through the best method before proceeding as part of your free consultation.

Moreover you can view our procedures on our video website to see just how good they really are.

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