Large Back Lipoma Removal

Large Back Lipoma Removal

LipomaCyst clinic has over the years gained a great reputation of treating large lipomas for patients all over the world. Our clinic in London is newly fitted state-of-the-art facility which is designed solely for the treatment of removing lipomas and cysts. Over the years, we have treated thousands of customers with amazing results and feedback, and we have given them back their life and confidence.
We pride ourselves in focusing on getting the best value for money for large back lipoma removal treatments. Our patients are always consulted about a tailored treatment plan and we work around our patients’ schedules, offering flexible appointments throughout the week and weekend. We also offer a patient-centred cancellation and rescheduling policy.
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What is a lipoma?

Lipomas are benign tumours that can grow large and cause discomfort. They are prone to grow almost anywhere on the body. The back is the most common location where large lipomas can develop, as they are out of the sight of the patients and often times disregarded until they become either too obvious or bothersome.

Large back lipomas are usually encapsulated and separated by the normal fat layer of the body, as they are abnormal growths. We recommend a histology be performed on lipomas larger than 3 cm to exclude the risk of more sinister features. A benign lipoma can turn into a malignant liposarcoma if not kept under medical supervision, as it is an abnormal growth.

How Large can a Back Lipoma Grow?

Lipomas typically grow slowly over time and may not be noticeable until they reach a certain size. Large lipomas are often located in difficult-to-access areas such as neck and back. Large back lipomas can be a challenge to remove. That’s why it’s important to seek out the right treatment options for large lipoma removal.

Watch here a large back lipoma removal surgery performed by Dr Khaled Sadek.

During your consultation, our team will assess the suitability for lipoma removal under local anaesthetic. In rare cases, lipomas can grow so large that general anaesthetic is deemed the only safe option. This can also be the case for some lipomas that are embedded in muscle.

Lipoma Removal Surgery under local anaesthetic is safe, quick and painless. In most cases, the surgery lasts around 45 minutes, with minimal recovery time. Recovery times vary depending on the size of the lipoma, but most patients can return to their usual activities immediately.

The images we present show how large back lipomas can grow when patients decide to have them removed. However, back lipomas can grow much larger than this. We recommend seeking medical advice as soon as you notice a large lump on your back.



Large Back Lipoma Removal Technique

There are many large back lipoma removal techniques. At LipomaCyst, we find that surgical removal of large lipomas is the most effective treatment. Surgery ensures the large lipoma is removed entirely, setting minimal chances of recurrence.

We do not recommend liposuction or fat dissolving injections for lipoma removal. We believe the best cosmetic and medical results can be achieved by surgical removal of lipoma, that can be done in its entirety, in a controlled manner.

To ensure minimal scarring for large lipomas, at LipomaCyst, we use a special technique that allows us to make a small incision relative to the size of the lesion even for large lipomas. This is achieved by a simple singular incision and minimal damage to the surrounding tissue, as we do not cut around the lipoma by elliptical incision, nor do we remove the excess skin, as this will remodel naturally.


If you suffer from a large lipoma, do not ignore it, and enquire for treatment as soon as possible. Lipoma removal surgery results are life changing, restoring health, confidence, and lifestyle.

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